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This section describes the publicly available components and applications delivered by the MobiLife project. These components are a set of diverse Context Providers and Context Brokers. Most of them are used directly from the Context Watcher application to store and share context information, to reason with context information, or to use context to tag user actions or creations (such as images or videos).
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People are used to being able to contact anyone, anywhere, at anytime. However, the challenge of enabling mass-market-scale ubiquitous services and applications remains. MobiLife Integrated Project in IST-FP6 (September 2004 - December 2006)  was to bring advances in mobile applications and services within the reach of users in their everyday life by innovating and deploying new applications and services based on the evolving capabilities of the 3G systems and beyond. The project addressed with a strong user-centric view problematics related to different end-user devices, available communication networks, interaction modes, applications and services. The MobiLife consortium consisted of application owners (mostly SMEs), manufacturers, operators, solution providers and academia. MobiLife was part of the Wireless World Initiative, which comprises several projects for IST.

MobiLife ended in December 2006: Abstracts of all MobiLife Deliverables and all public Deliverables available at "Deliverables" page!

Summary of MobiLife project and its achievements: Slide presentation and Results in Brief web page
Final MobiLife Press Release, Brochure and Newsletter
Final MobiLife Workshop on 22.11.2006 was Helsinki co-located with IST 2006 and WWI Symposium! Check all the presentations!

MobiLife Press Release (IST2006, 21.11.2006) 

MobiLife Brochure / Oct 2006 

Project No: IST-511607

MobiLife Newsletter / Nov 2006